For Harsh Environment

Enabling Solid Connections

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I Series

Unleash Industrial-Strength Performance. Elevate Your Network with Our Robust Ethernet Switches.

WDH Series

Secure, Scalable, Industrial. 
Elevate Your Network Infrastructure with Our Advanced Ethernet Switches.

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Engineered for Harsh Environments

High-value small size, innovative all-metal aluminum profile, galvanized steel protection, extra-wide temperature design


Extend Temperature


Industrial standard

High-Performance Chipset

The core chipset integrates most of the features of a high-speed industrial switch system, including SRAM for packet buffering, non-blocking switching fabric and internal register management, full-duplex support, and optional back-pressure half-duplex standard 802.3x flow control framing.

Seamless Data Flow, Industrial Tough


DIN-Rail Mounting

Support German industrial standards and can be easily secured to 3.5CM rails with snap-on clips without screws, maintaining strong wire-speed forwarding capability in harsh and confined spaces.

Chip Optimization Process

Improve performance and fully optimize signal-to-noise ratio, bandwidth, transmission speed, storage capacity, operating voltage, and quiescent current loss.

High-Speed Forwarding

Supports large-capacity MAC address, which provides conditions for the subsequent expansion of enterprise users; high cost-effective, greatly facilitating the expansion of user applications.

Seamless HMI-PLC

By forwarding data communication over the network, data can be interacted between the configuration software architectures on the HMI, PLC, and PC to synchronize the monitoring of the PC and the HMI.

Efficiency Unleashed

Unleash Efficiency in Every Connection. Our Industrial Ethernet Switches Optimize Your Network for Peak Performance.

WIWAV Excellence in Every Connection

Elevate Your Industrial Network with WIWAV Industrial Ethernet Switches. Excellence in Every Connection, Every Operation.

Connectivity Beyond Boundaries

Connectivity Beyond Boundaries. Our Industrial Ethernet Switches Break the Limits for Seamless Operations.

Reliability Meets Innovation

Rugged Reliability Meets Industrial Innovation. Upgrade Your Network with Our Cutting-Edge Ethernet Switches.

Performance That Endures

Performance That Endures the Harshest Conditions. Elevate Your Industrial Network with WIWAV Ethernet Switches.

Connect with Confidence

Connect with Confidence in Industrial Environments. Our Ethernet Switches Deliver Stability You Can Rely On.

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From $99

Innovation Unleashed in Every Port. 
WIWAV Industrial Ethernet Switches - Elevating Your Network, One Connection at a Time.

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