Enabling Solid Connections

WIWAV offers a comprehensive array of high-quality products tailored to industrial networking, computing, and automation. Our extensive distribution and service network spans across global markets, ensuring that our customers worldwide have access to our solutions. WIWAV's product portfolio has facilitated seamless connectivity across diverse applications such as factory automation, smart rail systems, smart grid infrastructure, intelligent transportation networks, oil & gas operations, maritime industries, and mining enterprises. Through ongoing investments in enhancing our team's expertise across diverse technologies and market segments, we are committed to positioning ourselves as the foremost provider of industrial automation solutions.

Business Development and Operations

Based in California, USA, WIWAV operates in partnership with distribution partners and retailers across key markets in the United States, European Union, Japan, and China. Our global presence has expanded significantly, encompassing a broad international footprint. Presently, WIWAV collaborates with an increasing number of renowned multinational corporations that have integrated substantial quantities of WIWAV products into their Data Center and Cloud Computing applications. These esteemed partners consistently commend the quality of our services and products.




Charting the Course Ahead

WIWAV's journey has been marked by significant advancements in industrial networking. This period saw the development and launch of innovative industrial routers and surveillance products. Additionally, the introduction of the I series industrial ethernet switches was a major step forward. These developments were complemented by an expansion of sales channels and a strategic brand upgrade.

This era in WIWAV's history reflects a commitment to technological innovation and market expansion, solidifying its reputation as a leading provider in the industrial networking sector.

WIWAV's journey is an inspiring narrative of relentless commitment to delivering cutting-edge networking solutions that empower businesses and organizations to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. As we look towards the future, WIWAV remains poised to continue shaping the contours of networking technologies, guided by its enduring passion for innovation and its unwavering commitment to delivering world-class solutions to its global clientele.


Strategic Alliances

A hallmark of WIWAV's pre-2014 history was its strategic collaborations with industry titans and prominent organizations. These strategic alliances not only bolstered the company's technological acumen but also amplified its capacity to effectively address complex networking challenges.


Global Reach and Expansion

By the mid-point of the first decade of the 21st century, WIWAV had strategically expanded its operations beyond its native shores, establishing a global presence. This strategic expansion facilitated broader access to its cutting-edge networking products and solutions for a diverse international clientele. WIWAV's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation solidified its position as a trusted partner for organizations spanning the globe.


Trailblazing Technological Advancements

Throughout its formative years, WIWAV emerged as a formidable force within the realm of networking. The company's research and development endeavors yielded pioneering innovations in fiber optic connectivity and Ethernet solutions, catapulting it to prominence as a leading provider of high-performance and reliable networking solutions.

Introduced Advanced Insight Solutions, which automates incident management and offers proactive network protection in new support services. Expanded portfolio with the industry's special solution. New software and hardware – which include simplified and secure network infrastructure solutions – enables service providers to build High-IQ networks that accelerate service creation and deliver new, customized services in real-time.


Formative Origins

WIWAV's genesis can be traced back to its establishment in the early 2000s. Conceived by a visionary consortium of engineers and entrepreneurs, united by a shared ardor for advancing communication solutions, the company embarked on a journey underscored by an unwavering dedication to excellence. From its inception, WIWAV was imbued with a mission to redefine the realm of network infrastructure technologies.